Neck Pain Treatments

Neck pain is a common complaint among Americans, but you don’t have to be among them. Dr. Brenda Kingen at Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center provides several natural and effective methods to help residents of Webster Groves, Clayton, Richmond Heights, and Brentwood, MO find relief.

5 Tips for Avoiding and Treating Neck Pain

Neck pain is an irritation no one wants to deal with. The good news is that, with the following tips, you can both avoid and get rid of neck pain’s most common sources.

Maintain Proper Posture

The way you sit or stand can potentially take a severe toll on your neck. Poor posture can strain your muscles, cause unnecessary tension, and cause nerves in the neck to become compressed. If you have to, set an alarm on your phone to do a posture check regularly.

Break Away From Your Device

It’s hard to maintain good posture when you’re leaning over to look at your device. It’s so difficult, in fact, that it can lead to a condition called text neck. One way to combat it is to hold your device in front of your face. Another is to be sure you take breaks from your device often.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

Your muscles and every other part of your body need hydration and nutrients to do their job well. Following a balanced diet and staying hydrated fuels your muscles, spinal discs, and more, which can prevent neck pain and injuries.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Like all other muscles in your body, your neck muscles need to be strong to do their job and support your head every day. Exercising your entire body – including your neck – is a great way to avoid and recover from injuries. Don’t forget to stretch, though, as too much tension can also lead to pain and potential problems.

Visit Your Chiropractor

Whether you are currently experiencing neck pain or just want to avoid it, Dr. Kingen at Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center can help. She happily assists patients of Webster Groves, Clayton, Richmond Heights, and Brentwood, MO with neck and other musculoskeletal issues.

For neck pain, this can include adjustments, electrical stimulation therapies, active release technique, acupuncture, massage therapy, spinal decompression, therapeutic exercise, and wellness care. Whatever your symptoms and your goals, Dr. Kingen can help you achieve relief and optimal health.

Don’t live with neck pain another day. If you live in Webster Groves, Clayton, Richmond Heights, or Brentwood, MO, call Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kingen at (314) 646-0013.

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